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SEO in Copywriting – Why is it so important?

Hi all, so some people ask me what it is that a copywriter does, the answer is simple. A copywriter writes content that is both engaging and persuasive for your target audience, whether you are charitable organisation, soul trader or business, this content can be in print or online.

Some of you might wonder what SEO is and why it’s so important for your online content, well SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, Google, Bing, and Yahoo are just some of the search engines available, they allow anyone to find the content they are searching for online by using keywords they have imputed into a search bar. Once you put your search term in the search engine take you to a search engine results page or SERP for short and displays the best results using the keywords a person and put in the search bar.

Most search engines work by using these three processes:

Crawling – Search engine use programs called crawlers, bots or spiders, these programs scour the internet picking up each piece of data as they go along, kind of like a spider catching flies in its web. Crawlers are programmed to scour every few hours or days, so some of the data they collect, and show might be outdated if you have updated your website after they last check your website or social media pages.

Indexing – Search engine try to understand and index the content on a web page by identifying 'keywords'.

Ranking – Search results get ranked on a number of factors such as keyword density, speed of your website and the links available on your website.

Here is an example of how a search engine works depending on the keywords you type in your search bar:

  1. I’m sat here now and I’m craving real ice cream, made locally, but I don’t where any local ice cream shops are so, I’m going to google it. I first type in the search term “Real Ice Cream” then I’m taken to the SERP page, the results are too general. I get adverts for Ice cream makers and supermarket brands, a map showing four desert shops that are miles away from where I live, so I’m going to have to add some more keywords and search again.

Image of Google search engine with the term 'Real Ice Cream' written in the search bar.
I want real ice cream!

Image from Google SERP (Search Results Page) showing results that are irrelevant for my search.
I want real. fresh ice cream, not a Ice Cream Maker or supermarket stuff!

Image from Google SERP (Search Results Page) showing results that are irrelevant for my search.
I want real cream, but I'm not going to travel miles for it.

2.) This time I put “Real Ice Cream near Kilburn Derbyshire” in the search bar and the results are much better, this time I have a list of places near me with no irrelevant adverts showing. Right t the top of the map I have three results showing, I spot that one of my favourite dairies is listed and quite close by, under the map there are more results and again one of my favourite dairies near the top of the list and I can click for a direct link to their website.

Image of Google search engine with the term 'Real Ice Cream near Kilburn, Derbyshire' written in the search bar.
I want real ice cream near me, I want it now!

Image from Google SERP (Search Results Page) showing results that are relevant for my search.
Yay, Bluebells isn't too far, real ice cream binge imminent!

Great SEO Bluebells, I'm coming for ice cream!

This shows just how important Keywords are, the dairies’ website is pretty impressive and it’s clear they have utilised keywords on there so that people searching for real ice cream in Derbyshire can find them.

All three processes rely on ‘Keywords’ to enable the search engine to give you most relevant results when you start your search. This is why SEO is so important in copywriting and hiring a copywriter that not only writes engaging and persuasive text for your online but also fully understands how SEO and keywords work will put your brand, business, product, or services front and centre when people use search engines.

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Article written by Lisa Varty ©

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